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Our route – Part 1

This blog post is all about part the general route we intend to follow across Europe.

After deciding to cycle around Europe, we thought we should sit down and plan the route we will take. We need a route that allows us to see as much of the rich culture and beauty of the continent as we could fit in. We think our plans so far will achieve this.

Due to the epic distance we will cover on Tour of Europe, this blog post will be split up into a few more manageable chunks, if only to put our own minds at rest!


Poole-Cherbourg and Beyond!

Due to living on the south coast of Britain, we decided that we should catch a ferry over to mainland Europe. On the 1st of August 2013, after a short ride to the docks at Poole, we will set sail for Cherbourg, where the Tour will properly begin!

From Cherbourg, we will head south, aiming to loosely follow the coast. We will pass through the cities of Rennes, Nantes and Bordeaux. Heading further south, we will encounter our first massive obstacle – The Pyrenees.

The Pyrenees

Road cyclists’ heaven, but hell for the legs!

Between southern France and northern Spain we will encounter the Pyrenees mountains. Anyone who has watched a summit finish on the Tour de France will know how brutal some of the ascents can be!

This is where you can have a say.

We intend to ride several of the famous grand tour ascents during our Tour of Europe. To make it more interesting we have decided to let you, our fantastic supporters, choose which ascents we tackle. Look out for a future blog post to cast your (potentially damning) vote!

If we survive the Pyrenees, we will head down into central Spain.

Spain & Gibraltar

The heat is on

If we are still alive following our battle with the Pyrenees, we intend to cycle through Spain to Madrid, then head for Gibraltar. Through this leg of the journey we will need to be well prepared to handle the heat that we will inevitably encounter.

National Day

The race is on

One long range target we have is to reach Gibraltar in time for their National Day on the 10th September. This will give us 41 days to travel from Poole to Gibraltar.

Please help us!

We will need all the support we can get to achieve this, so please share this with anyone who may be interested in our tour. Share our Facebook page, tweet about us, even good old fashion word of mouth still works!
Both Matts are working hard to make this journey of a lifetime interesting for all who follow us. Remember, this is just the beginning!

This is the wheel deal

So here it is, post 1 of our blog!

In this post, we intend to let you know:

  • Who we are
  • What the Tour is
  • What this blog is for
  • Why it is “the wheel deal”

Who are we?

2 Matts – 1 Passion

We always been keen on all types of sport and have had a big interest in cycling throughout most of our lives. We both grew up and moved on to different sports, but still maintained a burning passion for cycling. We both attended university, studying for sport-related degrees (Sport Rehabilitation and Sport Management respectively).

What is “The Tour of Europe”?

Travelling Europe – By-Cycle

After deciding to go travelling following graduation, we thought we would do something a little different. Both of us obviously have a love of cycling, and this love has only been stoked by Team GB’s massive success in the velodrome at the 2012 London Olympics. We thought we could combine our passion with cycling and our longing for an adventure by cycling across Europe whilst also being able to raise money for a suitable charity, starting in the summer of ’13.

After many people said this was a pretty extreme idea, we decided to see how far we could take it!

We have drawn up plans to cycle through France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Germany (among many other of the smaller countries- we haven’t forgotten you!).

Throughout the tour we hope to meet new people, see amazing things and raise awareness of our chosen charity, Mustard Seed Communities.

Along the way we will be videoing, blogging, tweeting and facebooking so you can follow us through every up and down of the tour.

What is this blog for?

Before – during – after

Before this we leave we intend to document our preparation, from creating websites and getting support, to getting in shape and maintaining our bikes.

During the tour we will write about everything, from the people and places we see to punctures in the pouring rain, miles from anywhere.

Following the event, we don’t have much planned, but even to have this blog as a relic of our epic adventure will be enough for us.

Why is this “The Wheel Deal”?

Distance, Dedication, Strain, Support – All of this is the wheel deal

After deciding to embark on our epic tour, we both decided it would be a great idea to involve a charity. This is where Mustard Seed Communities (MSC) come in. During the summer of 2010, Matt Scott carried out aid work in Jamaica for MSC. During his time there, he aided the local community by carrying out sport coaching at various schools, arranging sports days, and running sessions for the local children. This allowed the charity to reach out to some of the most deprived children and aid them in expressing themselves and having a good time! Matt wrote a great blog during his time in Jamaica, it can be found HERE.

Coming soon…

  • A piece from Matt Scott on MSC and his time in Jamaica
  • A piece from Matt Wallis on where we intend to ride
  • More content on our twitter- @wheeldealtour and our website –

PS- Please like our page on facebook, all content will be tour related and we promise there will be no posts purely for “likes and comments” (though your input is always very appreciated).