Day 98: Milan

Hi readers, it’s a crisp morning and we’re ready to hit the road again!

Our ride from Turin was the longest we’ve done in a long while. The 146km (90 miles) was mainly steadily downhill so we were able to maintain a really good pace. Despite this, we arrived at our current spot just after the sun went down. Fear not though, we had turned on our lights and rode the last km’s carefully!

After a bite to eat and a cold night’s sleep, we got up in the morning and headed for the centre of Milan. We walked around the city and were very pleasantly surprised by the architecture and the wide, open streets. We spent a lot of time sat in the main square dominated by the Duomo (the big cathedral in the photos). Our latest sample of Italian food confirmed that their ice cream is amongst the best we’ve tasted!

Our journey back included a ride on the metro and a fair walk back past the San Siro, home of the AC Milan and Internazionale football trams. We even tucked into some gorgonzola cheese at the camp site before retreating to the bar for warmth!

Today we’re riding towards Parma, where we hope to find another campsite to stay in. The weather is set to be clear and crisp so hopefully we’ll have a pleasant ride!

Matt 2

3 thoughts on “Day 98: Milan

  1. Michael Nolan

    You must have Parma Ham in Parma.. And sneak a bit extra into your paniers for later. Italy is God’s best country ..after Scotland of course. Season changes now rather than mechanical probs seems to be your challenge. Good luck .. Rome soon.. then ..Michael

    1. june

      Hi there,
      You are doing so well. When in Parma you must look at the strange clock in the main square. Chas and I had lunch in the restaurant below it. I seem to remember we were plagued
      by wasps!
      Go to Ferrara if you can. Wonderful castle and impressive cathedral.
      Christmas – football. Is that the strange game where overpaid people dive and win something called penalties?
      Take care.

      1. Matt Wallis Post author

        Hey juney,
        We had lunch in Parma. Lovely classic italian streets with yes an odd clock ha. Unfortunately, it has been very foggy the last few days so missing out on countryside but still loving italy, especially the food. After watching italian football i can officially say the english rarely dive, the italians however are like a poor midday tv soap, up and down every 5 minutes. Thanks for all the messages x


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