Day’s 103-105: Taking in Tuscany

Hi readers, we’ve been struggling to get a reliable mobile signal so are writing a blog now!

Since before the rain on our exit from the mountains, Tuscany has been stunning. Fortunately for us, the weather has cleared up too. We spent the first day looking around the old walled city of Lucca. It is a must see as it’s narrow streets make it nearly carless! There are people and cyclists roaming between all the beautiful buildings with no trouble at all.

The next day, we got back in the saddle, and rode deeper into Tuscany. On our way, we stopped to view the leaning tower of Pisa!

After this we rode into the hills and found our campsite. The only problem was that it was closed! We found a place opposite that rents rooms, so we negotiated a price over the phone and spent the night inside.

In the morning, the person we’d spoken to on the phone was still nowhere to be seen so we left the money in the room and went on our way. It was only a short ride along the via Francigena to Siena, where we knew a campsite would be open. The short ride gave us a good opportunity to take some photos of the breathtaking countryside!

After a good night’s sleep, we’re off to another campsite on the side of Mt Amiata, which just happens to be the second largest volcano in Italy! Fortunately for us, there shouldn’t be any chance of an eruption in the near future!

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One thought on “Day’s 103-105: Taking in Tuscany

  1. Michael Nolan

    Awesome pictures guys. I think you ought to write guide for campers called ” Closed campsites we have arrived at ” Views fantastic and it seems to me that you are finishing on a real high. Good luck for the rest. Have been in touch with Bournemouth Echo re your return but await details of homecoming plans .. Buckingham Palace has still not replied to the invitation :) lol


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