Days 106 & 107: Riding over the lava dome!

Hi guys, blogs going to come thick and fast now we’ve had time to write!

After our rest day in Siena we hit the road again. The ride was an 80 kilometre blast over one mountain, and most of the way up another. The Garmin guided us out of Siena and across fairly flat ground.

By this point in our trip, we’d learned to expect the almost obligatory unexpected mountain pass on our route. We looked up and saw that we’d have to climb, then descend before climbing to reach our campsite on the side of Mt Amiata. Unfazed, we scaled the winding road to the top then flew down the other side. At the bottom of the descent we found the perfect spot for some lunch.

Refuelled, we attacked the side of the dormant volcano and reached the campsite in great time. We were greeted by a super-friendly Italian man and his wife. After setting up camp under the watchful gaze of two grey cats, we left the site to find some food. The campsite owner had recommended a pizzeria to us, but it didn’t open for another hour. We bought a drink each and sat in the main piazza enjoying the evening.

After another fantastic pizza we headed back to the site and settled down for the night. With the cool weather and the early sunsets, it ended up being another pretty early night!

The next day started nice and early, and after a pastry-based breakfast we hit the road and immediately started climbing. Eventually we reached the top of the mountain and began to descend. We threw our bikes into the corners as it was our last chance to experience the sheer joy of a long descent. I overcooked one corner and almost got a face full of barrier but for some last minute bike handling!

From the bottom of the descent, our luck took a turn for the worse. The road we’d intended to follow was closed due to flood damage and the only other route took us over a very hilly area! We stamped on the pedals and began thinking of nearer stopping points than our original plan.

Lunch was wolfed down at the top of a sizeable hill, and we were able to ask some locals for advice for our approach to Rome. Our route adjusted we hit the road, which seemed to never be flat! Eventually, our tanks nearly empty, we found a suitable B&B to stay at and rested before our final day of riding.

We were struggling to come to terms with this fact and spent most of the evening remembering the amazing adventures we’d had over the past few months.

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