Day’s 108-112: Riding into Rome!

Hi guys, this is our last post from our time on the continent… Emotional times!

We awoke for our final day’s ride with so much achieved over the previous few months. One thing we hadn’t managed to do however, was ride a whole day with a fellow cyclo-tourist. Little did we know, we’d have achieved even this by the end of the day!

We set off on the road to Rome among pretty heavy traffic. Whilst wading through the cars, I spotted a familiar sight up the road. A figure riding his pannier-laden bike had stopped at the next set of traffic lights! Eager to say hello, we hared up the road towards our fellow cyclist. After saying hi, we all pulled to the side of the road to have a chat. Dasol was a south-Korean on his own European cycle adventure. He too was heading to Rome today and was more than happy to join us for the day!

The rest of the day flew by, descending into Rome was spectacular, yet we were held up slightly by even more traffic! We bade Dasol farewell and wished him all the best for his time in Rome.

After weaving through the streets of Rome, we found our hotel and signed in. We then hit the streets again to try and find a way to the airport, where my sister and mum would be flying in to visit! This was a spectacular failure as trains were astronomically expensive and the bus shuttles were nowhere to be seen!

Eventually we met at the train station! It was so good to see family after so long and we eagerly went back to the hotel to catch up.

The next few days were spent seeing the beautiful sights of Rome, and struggling to pack our bikes and kit into their travel-bags.




Eventually we made it! We loved our stay at the Irish college, and were very grateful for the receptionist’s help in finding us a well-priced taxi to the airport. All that was left to do was board our plane and head home!

Matt 2

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