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Two Matt's on Crow Hill

The Two Matt’s Tour of Europe – The Wheel Deal does exactly as the title says. It is a blog that follows two guys named Matt as the prepare for, then ride across Europe under their own steam, on bicycles they have put together themselves.

This blog will allow you to follow them as they discover the difficulties and challenges of learning the ins and outs of bicycle touring across Europe.

If following isn’t your thing, they are also devising cunning ways of allowing you, their followers, to have your own impact on where they ride and what they do on the tour.

Not content with riding the journey of a lifetime, they are also hoping to raise awareness for their chosen charity – Mustard Seed Communities.

2 thoughts on “Who are we

  1. Conall & Colette Glynn

    Hi Matt and Matt,

    As the “lovely couple” you met on Day 51, we are now beginning to take an interest in your blog. We compliment you on what you are doing. Your writing style makes reading your blog very easy and enjoyable. Whilst I know there was not a lot you could have done for us, we did appreciate your offer of help. For your information the only other offer of help was from a motorcyclist – the moral of the story is “two wheels good, four wheels bad”. Because of various mix-ups we did not get back to our house until 8.00pm and we are now without a car until Tuesday (hopefully!). If you would like a copy of the photo I took, let us know how we can send it. If circumstances had been different, we would have been able to offer you a bed for the night – the house we stay in even has a swimming pool (you could not swim in the resevoir but you could have had a swim with us)!

    The best of luck with the rest of your journey and in your future careers.

    Conall and Colette

    1. Matt Wallis Post author

      Hi Conall and Colette!

      That’s awful to hear about your car’s recovery! Hopefully everything gets sorted out quickly.

      Thank you for the lovely message! We’ve had quite a tough day today, it really makes a difference to us to read such a great comment. It’s such a shame that circumstances prevented us from spending more time with you. That offer of a bed and a swimming pool would have been too good to resist!

      Thank you also for the €10 donation you gave to us for our charity. We’ll add that onto our Virgin Giving page as soon as we get the chance.

      We hope the rest of this year’s holiday runs without any more problems for you!

      Matt’s 1&2


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